radius vs tacacs+

radius is UDP, so need re-transmit attempts, time-outs to compensate for best-effort transport,

tacacs+ is TCP,

– ACK within network round-trip time, i.e., RTT, regardless how loaded and slow the backend auth mechanism might be
– immediate indication of crashed, or not running, server by a reset RST;
    UDP cannot tell the diff between a server that is down, slow, or non-existent
– TCP keepalive, server crashes can be detected out-of-band with actual requests; can maintain multiple server connections simultaneously.

Pakcet encryption

radius only encrypts pass in the access-request packet, from client to server,

tacacs+ has header field to indicate whether the body is encrypted or not

radius combines authentication and authorization,

tacacs+ separates AAA. can use kerberos to do authentication,

permission granted upon particular com,and

TODO: diameter


One thought on “radius vs tacacs+

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